Welcome to Platinum Glamour Magazine.

Platinum Glamour Magazine is a product of Christopher Davis Photography.  I am a Fine Art & Glamour photographer located in central North Carolina. I have a deep love for photography and the beauty that God has blessed us all to be able to enjoy. My gift is that I can see the beauty in each and every person. I have never met a person that I did not see beauty in. The ultimate gift from God to man is woman. She was created just for us in all of her beauty and glory. My Fine Art & Glamour work sets out to celebrate and honor that gift. There is no greater beauty on the earth to me than woman in every shape and form. 


Over the years I have photographed hundreds of models that have given me permission to publish their images.  I decided that I wanted to share some of my work in a collectable form.  Not just another picture book or magazine but one that made you think.  I love philosophy, words of wisdom, proverbs, and lessons on life.  These had to be included with every photo.  The idea for the magazine was born.  These magazines are laid out to be more like coffee table books that you look at the image then ponder on in. Then read a quote and ponder on that for a while. Then turn the page. Then turn back and look at it again. Each photograph has a quote, proverb, bible verse, or saying from somewhere. If I know who said it then I will credit it. Sometimes the saying is connected to the photograph. Sometimes it has nothing at all to do with it. All of the images in these magazines were taken by me.  The magazine will be published at last once per year.  Sometimes there will be a special edition or theme such as an erotic special, holidays, or featured models.  Downloads will be available on Amazon.com.  Eventually the magazines will be combined into book editions. If you would like a magazine shot and produced for yourself or a special person please contact me.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the magazines.

Christopher Davis Photography

The magazine website is www.platinumglamourmagazine.com.
You can also see my work at www.platinumglamour.com.