I get requests from models to do shoots for their Patreon and other websites or to sell prints.  Normally this would be a commercial session costing several hundreds of dollars because I am shooting a product for them to sell like a business.


I have come up with an agreement that reduces the price of the session significantly


1)  Session is $50 for a 1 hour session with unlimited clothing and background changes.

2)  Model signs a standard commercial model release.

3)  Model gets digital images to use on Patreon and other websites.

4)  Model gets rights to sell copies of the photos as long as he/she purchases them through the photographer's website.

5)  Printed photos are around 75% cheaper than I normally charge for prints.

6)  Photographer agrees not to release any images for 3 months so model can use them first.

7)  Sessions are done 7 days a week at our Mount Olive NC studio and other locations.

8)  FREE Sessions done on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 9pm.  Refundable deposit required to reserve.


4x6 = $2

4 Wallets $4

5x7 = $5

8x10 = $8

Models sell photos for at least twice their cost.