Here are my Top 10 things for you to do to

Get Started in Modeling.




1)        Google and study what the different types of modeling are and what it requires for each type of modeling.    See where the opportunities and job offers for that type of modeling typically are.


2)        Use your research to decide the type of modeling that you want to do.  Be sure you are willing to put in the required effort and travel for that type of modeling.


3)        Develop a portfolio that represents you doing the type of modeling that you want to do.  It is best to pay a professional photographer to get these images done.  Professional referring to the quality of the images not the fact that they take photos for money.  If you can’t afford to pay a photographer then get TFP photos.   Network to build your portfolio.  (We can help you here.)


4)        Learn to do your own make-up.  Take a short class.  Many make-up companies that have sales people in beauty stores give classes 1:1 for as little as $40.


5)        Once you have a diverse set of really good images gathered start your online portfolio.  There are many websites you can join.


6)        Start a Model Mayhem Model page to network with other models and photographers.  Post and search castings.


7)        Start a Facebook model page.  Join model/photographer/industry groups and network.


8)        Start a personal model web site for yourself and get it listed on google.


9)        Start an Instagram Model Page and begin posting photos and networking.


10)      Learn to pose!  Study and practice posing .  Take photos and video yourself posing.  Read posing books, get videos, and study magazines.


*Our training/development center has books, videos, shooting deck, and more for you to use.